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Community Colleges in Austin to Keep An Eye For In 2016

The Right College

Finding the right college doesn’t use a formula. It is a matter of understanding your career goals, learning about what colleges have to offer, and then finding the one the best matches your requirements.

There are a number of community colleges in Austin that can provide the education you need. Here are a few you should keep an eye on in 2016.

Austin Community College

If you are looking for a two-year college that is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission, take a look at Austin Community College. It strives to offer flexible and affordable ways of obtaining an education, transferring, or furthering your career.

Austin Community College has a far reach; its 11 campuses serve over 43,000 credit students as well as 15,000 students in non-credit programs. Areas of study cover a wide range of subjects, including accounting, biotechnology, anthropology, speech, pre-medicine, real estate, and more. They also offer GED programs and adult continuing education, technical programs, plus they can help with scholarships, financial, and educational advising.

ITT Technical Institute

ITT Technical Institute in Austin is committed to students develop the skills and knowledge needed for promising career fields. These include electronics, drafting and design, criminal justice, business, information technology, nursing, health sciences, and more.

At ITT Technical Institute, instructors emphasize the need to develop problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills.

Class sizes are manageable, and allow for the same schedule every week during each semester to provide flexibility for students. They also provide some online fields of study, such as an MBA, Bachelor, Associate degree programs in drafting and design as well as business.

Finally, this community college also offers job hunting strategies to help you enter the workforce easily.

Southern Careers Institute

For more than 50 years, Southern Careers Institute (SCI) has provided quality education and career training with the mission of giving their students the skill set they need in the workforce. SCI offers many programs in high-demand industries that are projected to increase steadily over the next decade. These areas of study include pharmacy technician, medical assistant, medical billing, administrative assistant, and business. Your training involves a balanced combination of hands-on guidance and classroom instruction, with internships for a real-world experience.

At their main campus in Austin, you can find many of their fantastic student services such as:

  • Admissions
  • Financial services by a knowledgeable team of aid representatives.
  • SCI Edge, which helps students and graduates find employment in their field by matching them with the employers who need their specific skills.
  • IT services for current students to facilitate communication and coursework.

Finally, SCI’s career placement counselors will help you complete your resume, streamline your interview techniques, and find employment.

It’s Your Journey

Every ounce of education you obtain after finishing high school increases your earning potential. But education does more than that. It lets you access new skills, meet new people, and opens up a wider range of opportunity. The community colleges in Austin above can offer those aspects, setting the stage for your professional and personal success.



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