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Colleges in Corpus Christi Texas: 3 Skills Employers Expect from Every Employee

When you enroll at a college in  the Corpus Christi area, you probably expect to learn just skills related to the career for which you are training. However, employers are looking for more than just practical abilities and theoretical knowledge; no matter what type of work you want to pursue, there are three key skills that every employee needs to possess. The top colleges in Corpus Christi Texas, which are worth going to, will provide you with training in these areas.


1. Communication

Communication skills are not just important for work, they are critical for almost every aspect of life. When you are up against other candidates for a position, all with the same experience and qualifications, choosing who gets the job could come down to candidates’ ability to communicate effectively.

Employers are looking for professionals who, at a minimum, can demonstrate the ability to speak to a variety of people, maintain eye contact in a conversation, listen attentively, write clearly and concisely, use proper telephone manner, and compose professional emails. In careers where communication is extremely important, employers may require more from their staff. For instance, you may need to present information to coworkers or clients in an informal or formal situation, write professional reports, or interact with customers.


2. Being a Team Player

A new hire should, ideally, add to the current atmosphere and create an even better working environment. Team players carry out their fair share of the work high standards within the expected time frame. These employees take an active role within their team, both listening to the opinions of others and voicing their own ideas. Whereas they may come up with a viable solution, they are also willing to try another way if someone has a better plan. Lastly, team players are supportive of their teammates — they have the initiative to offer help when it is needed and are never afraid to ask for assistance.


3. Leadership

The last skill employers like to see in job candidates is the ability to lead. This is important even for entry-level positions, where employees are learning from others more than guiding a team. Leadership qualities mean that a person is able to motivate teammates and inspires respect. As employees gain experience, the ability to act as a leader becomes yet more valuable, allowing them to move up through the company into managerial positions.

Traits that create a good leader include the capability to think strategically, confidence to put plans into action (even if this involves some risk), problem-solving abilities, and organizational skills. All these characteristics produce a well-rounded employee, which is why leadership is so desirable in new hires.


When researching colleges in Corpus Christi Texas, opt for a school and program that includes training in these key skills along with the main subject matter.

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