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Colleges in Corpus Christi: 3 Important Factors to Landing a Job After Graduation

I’ve had quite a few friends who’ve recently gone back into the workforce, either as a result of being laid off, a transition from one industry to another or having recently graduated from an educational or training program and joining a new labor force. One question I’m asked time and time again by those friends and family members as they go out to search for a new job is: What is the single most important factor for an employer to give me a shot at an interview?

Given today’s demanding job market, employer’s like myself have a difficult time wading through a plethora of resumes that will flood in as a result of any job search and posting. I scan these resumes quickly for three key factors to make sure a person has the basic, bare minimum requirements to be a good employee. If they meet these criteria, then they’ll get a call back depending upon how well they stand out among the submissions.


My Top 3 Criteria for Moving a Candidate to the Phone and Interview Stage


Can they do the job?

Do they have a post-secondary education or vocational education specific to the job? In other words, can they do the job? Attendance to top colleges in corpus christi and the more related the training, the better the odds are that I’ll call the person. I particularly value certifications and national credentials that show the individual went above and beyond the basic call of duty to learn the material.



Do they have any experience doing the job?

Do they have experience in the field, either in an internship or externship, or in another role in which they got a taste of the responsibilities they’ll assume in this role?



Does the resume convey quality?

Is the resume formatted and spelled out in a way that conveys that the candidate knows how to use a computer to format documents? Even more so, is it clear that the candidate has put in a substantial amount of time to show off the quality of their skills by designing a visually pleasing, clear and concise resume that demonstrates their abilities and experience?


The third of these criteria, namely the quality of the resume, is extremely important to me because it represents if a person has the base technical knowledge to use computers and various applications to present and market themselves to me, the potential employer. I’ve worked in a variety of industries and no matter the field or sector or job role, I use the resume as a signal to deem whether or not a person is technically savvy enough to produce a quality representation of themselves. This single document gives me a small but relevant sample of a person’s ability to communicate and get across a specific message.. Given today’s technological advances, producing a high quality resume is no longer a deep technical feat, but it does require some research, effort and self-training on the part of the candidate.

Depending upon a variety factors like: where a person is in their career, what job they’re applying for, how long they’ve been in the field, their educational background and a variety of other factor’s, it can be difficult to convey the right message if you’ve not studied how to write resumes properly to grab an employer’s attention and get them to call you for an interview. Working in the education sector, and particularly vocational education, I recommend that every person who goes to a school for career training be absolutely sure that the institution will prepare them with strong resume writing skills and help guide them through the process of producing a high quality resume that will help them showcase their skills, credentials and experience in their new vocation for Corpus Christi.

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