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Barber vs. Cosmetology Programs Brownsville

If you are thinking about furthering your education, it is always best to consider what you want from your career, what you can see yourself doing in the future, and what options are available to you. Whichever career you decide to pursue, keep in mind that it all begins with the right training.

When considering a career as a barber or as a cosmetologist, you should learn the key similarities and the key differences between both professions. It is only with the right knowledge and understanding of both that you can truly get the best out of your training and education, and eventually achieve a lasting and rewarding career in whichever field you choose.


Barber vs. Cosmetology

There are many barber and cosmetology programs in Brownsville that offer quality training and education to anyone wishing to pursue a career as a barber or cosmetologist. Once you have decided which career path you want to follow, you should review the right program for you.

Here, you will learn the essential information needed to make a clear and informed decision on which program would suit you best.


Barber School

If you choose to enroll in a barber school, you will learn the skills needed to cut, style and color hair. A barber will usually work with men’s hair and facial hair, but you may also be required to work with short hairstyles for women. You will be trained in all aspects of hair care, including shaving, cutting, and styling.

During you barber training you also will gain knowledge of work safety, proper sanitation and precaution, and basic business management and operations.

After completing your training, and once you have passed your Barber License exam, you will be able to practice your profession in a barber shop, or even open your own business.


Cosmetology School

Training to become a cosmetologist is more involved than barber training. Cosmetology programs offer a more complete education of beauty and hair-styling that can cater to both men and women.

Cosmetology training is a broader program than barber school. The main difference between barber and cosmetology schools is that, in addition to learning how to cut and style men’s hair, a trained cosmetologist will also be trained in nail technology and care, make-up artistry, skin care and maintenance, and women’s hair-styling, cutting and coloring.

Just like a barber, a trained cosmetologist must first pass his or her cosmetology licensing exam in order to practice and work in whichever cosmetology field they wish. A trained cosmetologist may enter a specific career path, i.e. nail technician, hair stylist, or make-up artist, etc.

After receiving a license, a trained cosmetologist may also work as a general beauty professional, working in all aspects of beauty care and treatment, for men or women, or both. You will also have the option of working with an already established beauty treatment provider, or you can open your own beauty shop.


Your Career

Before deciding to pursue either a barber or a cosmetology program in Brownsville, you should come to understand your own passions and follow the right path for you.

Both barber and cosmetology professions are highly social jobs, meaning that you will be surrounded by people every day, requiring you to be outgoing, friendly and understanding with your clients.

If this sounds like a career for you, there are a selection of barber and cosmetology programs in Brownsville, and the surrounding areas, that are waiting and ready to welcome you to their programs and to help you start your own career as a trained and licensed barber of cosmetologist.

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