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Austin Trade Schools and the Benefits of Work Study

Work‐study is a type of campus‐based financial aid which provides students the opportunity to earn money from working part time while enrolled in post-secondary education.   Students may apply for various positions at Southern Careers Institute and other austin trade schools, including tutors, Student Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders and as assistants in offices throughout the Institution. There are even work‐study positions available at select organizations off campus.  


There are many benefits to accepting a work‐study award. One of the benefits is that students are paid as they work.  Many students like that they can earn money during their training to help with other school expenses.  Work‐study students are paid hourly (e.g. $8.10 ‐$9.50 an hour) and work no more than 20 hours a week. At SCI, work‐study students receive a pay check every two weeks like regular SCI employees.  You might be surprised at how many people started their careers as work‐study students! Here are a few other benefits to taking on work study:

  • Work Experience: Work‐study students can gain valuable experience that can help them obtain jobs after graduation. For example, some students who start off as work‐study students in admissions or financial aid continue on into full time careers as Admissions Counselors or Financial Aid Counselors.   
  • Flexibility: Work‐study students can plan their work schedule around their class schedule much easier than those who have regular part‐time or full‐time jobs. Supervisors are willing to work with their work‐study students to make sure they are successfully preparing for classes.
  • Networking: Work‐study students have the opportunity to meet many different people. Those people can include directors, administrator and other community leaders.  Some student have met people that can become their mentors or even help with future job prospects.    


To apply for a work study position at SCI, please visit and click on the button for “Careers”. If you are not sure whether you qualify for work‐study, please stop by the Financial Aid Office and talk with a Financial Aid Advisor.  To learn more about the benefits of work‐study, click here.   

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