austin texas medical administrative assistant certification

Austin Texas: Medical Administrative Assistant Certification

When you enter a doctor’s office, clinic or other medical facility, you often form an opinion or feeling about the place within seconds. In one glance and breath, you’re checking out the furnishings and decor and breathing in the scents. Before you even approach the front desk, your emotions are either leaning towards a positive or negative vibe. Perhaps the thing that pushes you fully to one side or the other is the receptionist. Do they greet you immediately with a friendly smile and eye contact? Do they make you feel comfortable and safe? Even though that person isn’t likely the one you’ll see in the doctor’s office, they play a huge role in your satisfaction as a patient. Who is that? That’s the medical administrative assistant.

If you enjoy working with people, organizing information, scheduling appointments and a whole lot more, perhaps a career as a medical administrative assistant is for you. As you head down the path to an exciting career, think about the importance of proper training and earning the appropriate Austin texas medical administrative assistant certification.


Duties of a Medical Administrative Assistant

Although it might seem like MAAs are only responsible for answering the phone and greeting patients, they are responsible for a whole lot more than that:

  • Checking patients in
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Answering the phone
  • Organizing medical records/charts
  • Interviewing patients for medical history
  • Transferring lab work results to appropriate destination
  • Maintaining and inventorying office supplies



Classes for the MAA degree are designed to give you a well-rounded education in the complete office environment while also covering concepts that are specific to a medical environment:

  • Basic accounting
  • Computer software
  • Keyboarding
  • Medical transcription
  • Medical law & ethics
  • Medical terminology
  • Communications


How to Get Certified

Once you complete a valid training course, you’ll be eligible to sit for the exam to earn your Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA). The certification shows employers that you completed the appropriate training and will be able to perform all the duties necessary for the MAA position. It definitely gives you an edge over other job candidates.


A Promising Career

It’s no secret that as the population ages and medical care becomes more advanced, healthcare jobs are plentiful. In fact, healthcare industry jobs are expected to grow by 29 percent by 2022, a higher-than-average rate when compared to other occupations. Once you complete your training and certification, you can search for a job in a variety of healthcare settings, like clinics, hospitals, or specialized medical and dental offices in Austin TX.


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