Answers to the Most Common Questions About Cosmetology Schools in San Antonio TX

When talking to students who are interested in cosmetology schools in San Antonio TX, the same questions often crop up. To save you asking the same, here are our answers to the three most common queries, which should help you to quickly determine if studying cosmetology would be the right choice for you.


1. Who Is a Good Fit for Cosmetology?

Most students who study cosmetology are female, interested in personal care, and stay up to date with the latest beauty trends. If you are interested in the subject, you should be comfortable making physical contact and working with people you may never have met before, you should be good at starting a conversation with strangers, and you should have the energy to be on your feet for most of the day. Lastly, successful cosmetologists are good at giving honest, tactful, and critical feedback.


2. What Does It Take to Get Into a Program?

Most cosmetology schools will only accept students who are at least 16 years old, but you can begin training up to any age. You will need to hold a high school diploma or equivalent and should be able to prove that you are competent in basic reading, writing, math, and computer skills. Some schools provide students with an assessment exam to check that they fulfill these minimum requirements.


3. What Happens After You Graduate?

A cosmetology program will prepare you for a certification such as Sassoon ABC Colouring, Sassoon ABC Cutting, or Nuts and Bolts Professional (NAB). You like to opt for a cosmetology license, which you gain by passing a professional exam administered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Job growth across the country is 13 percent (as fast as average), and there are around 2,110 jobs for cosmetologists, hairdressers, and hairstylists in San Antonio-New Braunfels along with 610 jobs for manicurists and pedicurists. You can expect to earn $12.44 an hour or $25,880 per year.


However, work as a cosmetologist can be even more lucrative if you choose to progress with your career. Once you receive your license or certification, you will want to find an entry-level job to start building your portfolio. This may mean beginning as an assistant, but if you continue learning, by attending trade events and entering competitions, you may well find that you quickly move up to a full-time position in a top salon or spa. Using your networking skills, eventually you may even to able to open your own business. If the above sounds appealing to you, start your search for cosmetology schools in San Antonio TX. You will soon be on your way to an enjoyable, interesting, and stable career in an area about which you are passionate.