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A Summary of Course Offerings at Vocational Schools in San Antonio

College is as much about discovering your dreams as fulfilling them. Though many see college as a way to achieve their lifelong ambitions, others are unsure of what to do with their lives. The first step to discovering one’s future career is to examine the courses available at nearby colleges, their requirements, and their graduates rates of success. Unsure but ambitious students should consider the following vocational schools in San Antonio:


The Everest Institute

The Everest Institute offers diplomas for three careers: Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC). The school’s HVAC program is its largest, serving 288 students in 2012. 61% of the students in this program graduated, and 78% of graduates found jobs in the HVAC field. The Medical Assistant program served 253 students in 2012; the program has a graduation rate of 61% and a job placement rate of 76%. The Medical Administrative Assistant program had 108 students, a 64% graduation rate, and a 71% job placement rate in 2012.


Kaplan College

Kaplan College has two locations in San Antonio: one on Ingram Road and the other on San Pedro Avenue. The San Pedro campus offers diploma programs for Dental Assistants, EKG Technicians, Medical Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, and Medical Office Specialists. It also has Associate of Applied Science programs in Criminal Justice and Medical Practice Management. The Ingram campus has a certificate program for Nurse Aides, diploma programs for Vocational Nurses, Medical Billing and Coding Specialists, and Medical Assistants, and Associate of Applied Sciences programs for Paralegals and Health Information Technologists. It also provides continuing education courses in Basic Life Support, Spanish for Healthcare Workers, Intravenous Therapy and Blood Drawing, and Real Estate.


The Milan Institute of Cosmetology

The Milan Institute is one of the more focused vocational schools in San Antonio, offering courses specifically for students interested in cosmetics and related fields. The school has two campuses in San Antonio: one on Ingram Road and the other on Southwest Military Drive. Both campuses offer career training courses for Cosmetologists, Estheticians, and Manicurists; the Ingram Road campus also offers courses for Massage Therapists. Graduates of the Cosmetology program have an 80% accreditor job placement rate. Esthetician graduates have a rate of 82%, Manicurists of 52%, and Massage Therapists of 95%.


The Southwest School of Business and Technical Careers

The Southwest School of Business and Technical Careers’ San Antonio campus offers technical training in four fields, all with high job placement rates. Graduates of the Clinical/Medical Assistant Program have a placement rate of 77%, while graduates of the Computerized Accounting Specialist, Medical Office Specialist, and Pharmacy Technician programs all have job placement rates of 100%.


The Southern Careers Institute

With six separate career training programs, the Southern Careers Institute is one of the most flexible vocational schools in San Antonio, and all of its courses have high placement rates. The school’s Administrative Assistant program has a job placement rate of 87%, while graduates of its Business Accounting Specialist program enjoy a rate of 83%. Medical Assistant graduates have a job placement rate of 80%, Medical Billing and Coding Specialist graduates of 82%, and Medical Office Specialist graduates of 82%. 100% of Cosmetology graduates find a job in their field.


Vocational schools in San Antonio may provide the answers and training you’re looking for, but there’s only so much you can tell based on course offerings and job placement rates. To find a school where you can truly thrive, you must consider the teachers, the students, and the broader community. Contact the Southern Careers Institute today for more information on picking the right school.

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