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A Guide to Texas Careers: San Antonio Industry Analysis

San Antonio has one of the country’s most robust job markets, generating tens of thousands of new positions each year. Unlike much of Texas, the city does not depend on oil drilling for its wealth, and has thus continued thriving despite the recent drop in oil prices. The fastest growing Texas careers San Antonio include:


Medical Assistant

The job market for medical assistants is one of the most dynamic in the United States, and it is growing particularly quickly in San Antonio, where local healthcare providers are building a new heart and lung center and expanding the Center for Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. These and other healthcare facilities need medical assistants to gather patient information, help physicians with exams, and perform rudimentary healthcare procedures. The Southern Careers Institute’s Medical Assistant Program provides training in anatomy, MS Word, pharmacology, medical law and ethics, and other skills necessary for clinical assistance. Graduates have an 80% job placement rate.


Medical Health Information Technicians

Besides medical assistants, the growth in healthcare Texas careers San Antonio has also spurred demand for medical health information technicians. These workers record and review patients’ health histories, billing information, and other sensitive data, safeguarding it and resolving disputes over payment and insurance coverage. To become a health information technician, you must be certified as a Certified Tumor Registrar, a Registered Health Information Technician, or some other relevant certification. The Southern Careers Institute’s Medical Billing and Coding program provides the training and guidance necessary to receive these certifications. Graduates have an 82% job placement rate.


Recreation Specialists

Besides its growing healthcare sector, San Antonio has a vibrant tourism industry, and the city continues to generate new Texas careers San Antonio for recreation workers. Recreation workers guide tours, answer questions, and help visitors to enjoy the sites they’re visiting while respecting all local laws and norms. Specific training for recreation workers varies based on where they’ll be working, but given that San Antonio’s central attraction is the Alamo, an associate’s degree in history is a great place to start. San Antonio College’s Associate of Arts in History program offers balanced training in Texas history, US history, World history, and other subjects, leaving you perfectly suited to lead historical tours.


Construction Manager

Between the aforementioned healthcare facilities and the government’s plans to expand the San Antonio River Walk, the demand for construction workers and qualified managers is expected to grow precipitously. Construction managers work to estimate costs and timetables, help architects, workers, and engineers communicate, meet legal and safety requirements, and resolve any disputes or obstacles during construction. To become a construction manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in construction science, engineering, architecture, or some other related field. The University of Texas at San Antonio’s Construction Science and Management program will train you to play an instrumental role in the city’s building boom.


Business Accounting Specialist

San Antonio has a vibrant financial industry. The Argonaut Group, Chase Bank, GPM Life, World Savings, and Citicorp have all placed their local or national headquarters there, spurring a high demand for workers trained in business accounting. Business accounting specialists keep careful records of investments, credits, debts, tax filings, and other information crucial to success in finance. The Southern Careers Institute’s Business Accounting Specialist program offers you the training and certification to excel in this field.


Economic statistics are a great way to gauge whether a position will be lucrative, but job numbers can’t tell you whether you’ll find that position inspiring or fulfilling. For more information on finding and training for the career that’s right for you, contact the Southern Careers Institute today.

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