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A Brief History of Cosmetology Schools in Harlingen Texas

The History of Beauty Schools

Going to the hair stylist is second nature for many of us. However, this event is actually a more recent change in the workplace for women.

Before the 19th century, a beauty regimen was something that women on their own – if they had the time and resources. Wealthier women may have been fortunate enough to have a lady’s maid who would tend to their beauty needs.

As the 19th century came to an end, the beauty and styling became one of the few skilled professions that allowed women not just to work, but to become entrepreneurs. For example, Martha Matilda Harper was able to open a salon in 1888. She developed the idea of clients visiting a hair salon for services and also invented the first reclining shampoo chair.

The 20th Century

The 20th century ushered in many things, and the 1920s in particular saw cosmetology emerge as a professional industry. Women worked in very small, private salons, and during the 1930s, were allowed to operate electrical tools for styling techniques.

During the 1940s, beauty continued to thrive, and often, women were the only ones who had access to beauty products.

Post-war Style

After World War II, women wanted new hairstyles and color changes, but these need frequent maintenance.

As a profession, cosmetology began to soar in the 1950s. Consequently, women started to earn higher wages and gain respect in the industry.

With the 1970s came a rise in men visiting salons, thus increasing the array of techniques that cosmetologists performed. In the 1980s, perms became the rage, along with more elaborate styles and unique colors.

And The Present

The modern era of cosmetology sees artistic, sophisticated, and elaborate styles and techniques, such as highlights, extensions, or straightening, that can be difficult for people to achieve purely on their own. The increasing use of chemicals in various processes is one of the reasons that cosmetologists are required to obtain education, training, and accreditation so that they understand the correct procedures, and so that clients know that they are in the hands of a professional.

Getting Your Education in Cosmetology

If you are interested in attending cosmetology schools in Harlingen Texas, here are some colleges to consider:

University of Cosmetology Arts and Science

The University of Cosmetology Arts and Science offers a 1500 hour robust education that teaches students the newest trends and the latest techniques. You will learn styling and cutting, coloring and makeup, safe handling, and more. At cosmetology schools in Harlingen Texas, you will be prepared to find work as a stylist, nail technician, makeup artist, and more.

Southern Careers Institute

In just under a year, you can earn your cosmetology operator certificate at the Southern Careers Institute. You will learn everything you need to know to succeed, such as cutting, styling, and coloring hair; waxing; nail and skin treatments; and more.

Qualified instructors will show you how to interact with clients, book appointments, and engage in safety procedures. What’s more, you will enjoy plenty of hands-on training to complement your education.

Your Future

Today, hair salons are everywhere, and many of us rely on them as a focal point of our health and wellness routine. Cosmetology is a great career for anyone wanting flexibility and fashion. Apply to cosmetology schools in Harlingen Texas, such as Southern Careers Institute, and be part of the action now.


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