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5 Professional Communication Tips For Job-Searching Grads of Cosmetology Schools

Good communication is a key skill for cosmetologists, who need to offer advice, listen to clients’ needs, wants, and concerns, and work in a team with other staff members at their spa or salon. During the job-seeking process, potential employers are looking to see that you possess these communication skills. Here are a few ways to present yourself in the best possible light.


1. Be Honest

Honesty is an essential feature of communication when working with clients in a personal care and beauty setting. It is also critical, in all types of employment, for developing a good relationship with employers and coworkers. You should be completely honest in your resume, cover letter, and interview about everything from your education and certifications to your employment history. If your employer finds out that you’ve mentioned an untruth, you could lose the job.


2. Don’t Neglect Written Communication

Although writing plays only a small role in most cosmetology positions, your resume and cover letter help to form the first impression of you to an employer. Pages should be free from grammar mistakes, typos, and spelling errors and be well-formatted to show that you are able to use computer software competently.


3. Show Off Your Ability to Listen

Listening skills are especially important for cosmetologists, to pay close attention to their clients and can benefit from the advice of their colleagues. You can demonstrate your listening skills during the interview by asking questions; for instance, about the history of the business or personal questions for your employer. Just make sure you avoid asking anything that you could easily find out with research.


4. Use Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication enables you to appear approachable, self-assured, and professional. Work on maintaining good posture, eye contact, and a smile throughout your interactions with prospective employers, especially during your interview.


5. Respond Appropriately to a Job Offer

As much as you would like to receive an answer as soon as the interview finishes, often this is just not possible. Be patient when waiting for a response, reaching out after a reasonable time. Pestering the employer for an answer is a surefire way to ruin your chances.

When you receive a job offer, respond as soon as possible, no matter whether you intend to accept. In an acceptance, be enthusiastic but professional. You should also reply to the employer if you are not offered the job. Ending on a good note will enable you to maintain the contact and could even help you procure a position at another salon or spa.

The best cosmetology schools offer training in communication in addition to cutting, coloring, facials, and nail care. Find a school that offers a broad education for preparation for work after graduation.

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