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3 Certifications Accounting Schools in San Antonio TX Should Offer

Employers are becoming harder to please. As a potential employee you are being evaluated at all times during an interview. It can be a very stressful position to be in, thinking that everything you do and say is being judged.

However, you don’t have to feel that way. With the right training and certification from one of the large selection of Accounting Schools in San Antonio TX, you can go into any interview with the confidence that what you are presenting to that potential employer is your very best. You can sit across from an interviewer and rest assured that your education and training has provided you with all of the necessary skills and knowledge that will secure you the job.


Securing Employment

With the right certifications on your resumé, you can just sit back let your education do the talking for you.

If you’re attending, or you have graduated, from one of the great Accounting Schools in San Antonio TX, you’ll know that your education has put you on the right path towards success. During you education you will be eligible for a number of certifications that employers are looking for.

During your training to become a Business Accounting Specialist at Southern Careers Institute, you will have the chance to study for your certification in;

  • CPB (Certified Professional Bookkeeper)
  • Quickbooks (Intuit Quickbooks Specialist)
  • And all available MS Office programs and applications


Getting Certified

In addition to a great range of other skills and training offered at one of SCI’s Accounting Schools in San Antonio TX (including payroll, taxes and financial analysis) you will be given the opportunity to gain that extra foothold on the business ladder with a selection of accredited and nationally recognized certifications.


Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB)

Becoming a CPB is essential for anyone considering becoming a business accountant, or any form of bookkeeping specialist. Earning this certification also means that you will be recognized by the AIPB (American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers). Studying to become a Business Accounts Specialist at SCI, you will have the opportunity to earn this nationally recognized certification. As a CPB you will have all of the up-to-date knowledge and training to compete as a well-educated and informed employee.


Quickbooks (Intuit Quickbooks Specialist)

Earning your Certiport recognized, Quickbooks certification is a great way to demonstrate your firm grasp of all the prevalent accounting concepts. SCI offers this certification as Quickbooks is the current industry leader in managerial accounting software. This means that your certification will display your advanced knowledge and expansive understanding of the field.


Microsoft Office Applications

As you train to become a Business Account Specialist at SCI you will be trained and certified in all aspects of Microsoft Office.

  • You will learn invaluable word processing skills on MS Word to process and log data
  • You will be trained to give effective and clear presentations with MS PowerPoint
  • With Microsoft Exel, you will gain essential spreadsheet knowledge necessary for effective accounting and financial data organization
  • You will gain knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, an information manager; used for internal office communications, e-mail applications and group scheduling.

With these certifications on your resumé, you will be near guaranteed employment in whichever space you’re applying. These certifications, will prove that you are not only ready for the work, but that you can and will thrive in any business environment. Your training and certification will be the key to opening corporate doors and providing you with a stable and lasting career.

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