Southern Careers Institute Vocational Colleges in Texas

Career Point students are welcome to complete their education at Southern Careers Institute.

Career Point students may qualify for credit transfers and up to $3,000 in grants with SCI.

Due to the circumstances which has left Career Point students questioning what is to become of the course credits earned while at school with Career Point, we at Southern Careers Institute would like to offer a helping hand.

SCI’s Admissions Team will be available to review transcripts, and work with Career Point students, to identify all transferable credits earned and discuss opportunities to complete your education and career training.

In addition to credit transfers, SCI will make grants available specifically for Career Point students for up to $3,000 to help ease the transition and students which were approaching graduation may be eligible to finish at no additional cost.*

Check your credit transfers and apply for grants by completing the Application Form or speak with an Admissions Advisor at

Finish Your Education

Career Point Credit Transfers and Grants are Available

*Grants available for existing Career Point students who qualify. Grant availability and amount may vary by campus and program. Credit transfers may vary by campus and by program and must be verified by Southern Careers Institute.